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The Beginning of a Legacy...

May 1982 marked the beginning of PenGeo, Inc. George & Seretha Tinsley, two business-minded visionaries created an institution and very appropriately named it after their 2 children, Penni and George. Little did they know that their dream would grow up to be such a grand institution. In 1984, they opened their first KFC restaurant in Auburndale, FL  with only 2 employees, George, Sr and Seretha.

PenGeo, Inc.’s KFC provided a Special Dining experience. We prided ourselves on treating our customers like we wanted to be treated and that’s what made the service special.

The Auburndale Kentucky Fried Chicken location was sold in April 2022 and is no longer owned by PenGeo.  However, we’ve excelled in customer service and quality of food for over 20 years and our mission is to continue to do so.

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